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Bobby Dowler

Photo courtesy of Stan Van Steendam
Bobby collects and re-uses found paintings-on-canvas and wood-stretcher-frame devices that have been pre-used in the past by others. Dowler physically manipulates the materials with hands and with tools, often cutting with knife or scissors, applying paint by brush and in general doing whatever he feels like needs doing, until he discovers an unlikely procedural manoeuvre that can instigate the event that will help guide a work towards its final completion. The materials all have their own history, and their particularities serve as an aspect of subject matter, giving Bobby a sense of what to do and how to proceed. During a protracted struggle, a ‘wrong' stretcher is often deployed to connect and frame the painted content.

Bobby Dowler (b.1983) lives and works in Paris, France. He holds a BA (Hons) Film Studies, Southampton Solent University and a Foundation in Art, University of the Arts London. Solo exhibitions include Solo Galería Alegría, Barcelona (Upcoming, 2024) ‘Roadworks’, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2022); <<"100,000%!">>, Galería Alegría, Barcelona (2019); ‘I will find one’, Galería Alegría, Madrid (2018). Group Exhibitions include Clipper Curts, Brussels (2024); Extempore 24, Tension Fine Art, London (2024); Feria ARCO, Galería Alegría, Madrid (2024); ‘Construct’, Cob Gallery, London (2024); ‘Two for Joy’, San Mei Gallery, London (2023); Paris, Texas, Barbé Gallery, Gent (2023); ‘Bronzers’, Slugtown, Newcastle upon Tyne (2023); WHAT ‘MATTERS’, Neoramart, Paris (2022) and ‘BAF BAF’, 6B, Saint Denis, France (2022).
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