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Cherry Aribisala

Cherry Aribisala
Cherry Aribisala's artistic journey revolves around her profound connection with the
mediums of painting and drawing. Known for her expansive canvases and inventive compositions, her artwork embodies a blend of comic book-inspired aesthetics, modern figuration, and expressive brushwork reminiscent of graphic imagery. Her profound love for colour transcends the confines of reality, infusing her creations with an exhilarating vibrancy.
Central to Cherry's present artistic journey is a deep exploration of pivotal themes, including the intricate interplay of mental well-being, the yearning for escapism, the embrace of vulnerability, and the navigation of emotional landscapes. These themes seamlessly weave together with contemporary pop sensibilities, resulting in a captivating juxtaposition. While Cherry's artistic style has undergone changes over the years, a persistent athleticism permeates her artwork. She continues to employ striking, vibrant colour schemes, graphic depictions, and complements them with profound, dark brushwork. These elements serve as an enduring motif in Cherry's creations, coexisting with a perpetual sense of the artist's personal development—a visual testament to her ongoing coming-of-age journey.

Cherry Aribisala (b. 2000, Lagos, Nigeria) lives and works in London. Cherry holds BA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London. Solo exhibitions include, Art Salon, The Vault Residency, Lagos, Nigeria (2023) and Tete a Tete, Pi Artworks Gallery, London (2023). Past group exhibitions include, Felt Vol 04, Felt Collection, London (2023); About Damn Time, Sabo Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria (2023); Dada Residency Exhibition, Dada Gallery, London (2023); 50 x 50, The Auction Collective, London (2022), Face to Face, Gillian Jason Gallery, London (2022), Transformation, Start Art Fair x Saatchi Gallery, London (2022) and JINX, Amersham House Gallery, London (2021). In 2023, Cherry was shortlisted for the New Contemporaries prize.
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