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Joseph Aina

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For Joseph, each landscape provides an opportunity to assess an individual’s current psychological state. While the image viewed remains constant, each viewer interprets it uniquely based on their beliefs, trauma, fears, and desires—life events that have shaped their minds. As Aina immerses himself in the landscape, he seeks an escape, a moment of solitude where he can detach from the noise and distractions of everyday life. This process allows him to recalibrate and analyse his current perception of the landscape, serving as a source of inspiration.
By confronting any disturbances or imbalances, Joseph strives to reach a state of inner harmony. This pursuit of balance is vital for his painting practice, as it enables him to fully appreciate the psyche of where he is. Joseph is then able to translate these emotions onto canvas. In this way, his works becomes a reflection of the internal landscapes of his mind and emotions.
Joseph Aina (b.1996) is a Nigerian-British artist living and working between London, England and Lagos, Nigeria. He holds BS (Hons) in Law and Psychology from University of Kent, Graduate Diploma, Royal College of Art and MA Painting, Royal College of Art upon the receipt of the Royal College of Art Studentship. Solo exhibitions include Looking for a Saviour, Prior Arts Space, Berlin (2022). Past group exhibitions include Guts Gallery (2022); Prior Arts Space, Barcelona (2022); Prior Arts Space, Berlin and Changing Room, London (2022). Joseph was shortlisted for the Valerie Beston Award Artist Trust, (2022).
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