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Liliane Tomasko

Portrait of the Self (letting the cold rise into feverish corners), 2023
Acrylic and acrylic spray on aluminum
76 x 70 in. (193 x 177.8 cm)
Photographed by Ollie Hammick ©️ Liliane Tomasko
Liliane Tomasko (b.1967) lives and works in London. Liliane holds MA in Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts and London and BA in Fine Arts, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. Upcoming solo exhibitions include Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2024) and Bechter Kastowsky, Vienna (2024). Solo and two person exhibitions include Portrait of the Self, Nino Mier, Los Angeles (2023); Name me not, Centro De Arte Caja De Burgos (CAB), Burgos (2023); Evening Wind, Edward Hopper House Museum, Nyack (2022); S P E L L O F T H E W O O D, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda (2022); Morpheus, Kunstmuseum Kloster unser lieben Frauen Magdeburg (2021); We Sleep Where We Fall, Kewenig Galerie, Berlin (2021); Liliane Tomasko, Marc Straus Gallery, New York (2019); The Red Thread, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2019); 12 nights x dreams, ROCA Rockland Center of the Arts, New York (2018); Liliane Tomasko & Howard Hodgkin: And per se and, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh (2018); Kunstwerk, two-person exhibition with Sean Scully, Sammlung Klein,
Eberdingen (2017); Feeling Folding, PIFO Gallery, Beijing (2017); Marc Straus, New York, NY (2017); Sean Scully + Liliane Tomasko, two-person exhibition curated by Javier Molins,
Fundación Bancaja, Valencia (2016); Sense, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, (2015) among others. Group exhibitions include Austria–Germany Painting 1970 to 2020, Albertina Modern, Vienna, Austria;
curated by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Constanze Malissa (2023); Grit Between My Teeth, Atelier Now, Dublin, Ireland; curated by Stephen Burke the yellow light at 6pm, curated by Christian Malycha, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin (2023); Andy Warhol to Cecily Brown: from the collections of The Albertina, The Albertina, Vienna (2022); In Memory of Lawrence Weiner, Scully Tomasko Foundation, New York (2022); From the Real: Liliane Tomasko & Sean Scully, Newlands House Gallery, Petworth House and Park, Petworth (2021); Logical Freedom: Abstract Art Exhibition, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou (2020); Warhol to Richter. From the Collections of the ALBERTINA Museum (2019); Catch It and Lose It, Locks Gallery, (2018); Doodle & Disegno, Blain|Southern, Berlin (2018); White Heat, Marc Straus, New York (2017); Sleepless: The Bed in History and Contemporary Art, 21er Haus, Vienna (2015) among others.
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