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Lucienne O'Mara

Lucienne O Mara
Lucienne's artwork explores our intrinsic connection to our surroundings. For Lucienne, observation is not a passive act; instead, visual perception is a dynamic interplay where we gaze at something, and in turn, that very something gazes back at us. She astutely recognizes that our approach to any object or situation is inherently shaped by the pre-existing knowledge that we bring to the table.

Lucienne's artistic practice is deeply rooted in the examination of the spaces between elements, questioning where one entity ends and another begins. Borders and junctures hold particular significance for Lucienne, a reflection perhaps heightened by the contemporary political climate. Her painting is born from a sense of uncertainty about the nature of reality itself. It serves as a vehicle to spotlight the fragmented way we assimilate visual information.

Lucienne O’Mara lives and works in London. Lucienne has a BA (Hons) Fine Art from City and Guilds, London as well as a MA Fine Art from City and Guilds, London. Group exhibitions include Year One, OHSH Projects, London (2023); Annihilation, OHSH Projects, London (2023); Felt, Stubbs Studio, London (2023); Stretch, Somers Gallery, London (2023); Works on paper 4, Blue Shop Cottage, London (2022); Reframing Rebuilding, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks (2021); What Relief, Gallery 98, Ramsgate (2019); Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London (2018); Steal The Show, Bentinck Street, Glasgow (2017); Anthology, Charlie Smith London, London (2016) among others. 
Lucienne O Mara
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