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Manon Steyaert

Manon Steyaert
Photo courtesy of Louise Tse
Manon's practice is situated between the two worlds of painting and sculpture, creating both wall-based works and free-standing abstract sculptures. With a strong background in fashion as well as art, the artist pays homage to both traditional and non-traditional mediums throughout her practice. Focusing mainly on the aesthetic quality of silicone, Steyaert also utilises canvas, scrim, wood and metal, consequently drawing on the visual language of both architecture and painting. Allowing herself to be led by the intrinsic qualities of her materials, Steyaert’s creative process is intuitive and process-driven. Silicone as a medium is one that requires time, attention, and immense control. Hand-pouring each sheet of silicone, the curing process alone can take days, and the finished form is as delicate as it is physical. In many of Steyaert’s works, the silicone is treated like fabric: draped and folded across its structural support, creating beautiful compositions that challenge our perception of what it is that makes a painting or a sculpture.  

Manon Steyaert (b.1996) is a French-British artist living and working in London. She holds BA (Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martins and MA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. Solo exhibitions include ‘Magpie’ WAY Gallery, Stockholm (2023); ‘Cache-Cache’, Blue Shop Gallery, London (2023); Passing Colour, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Copenhagen (2023). Group Exhibitions include ‘The Way of All Flesh’, Delphian Gallery at The Saatchi, London (2024); Window Licker presentation, Gallery Nosco, Brussels (2023); ‘Christmas Show’, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Copenhagen (2022); Gestura II’, Marie-José Gallery, London (2022); Enter Art Fair, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Copenhagen, (2022); ‘Metamorphosis’, Salon Design, New York (2022) and ‘Soft Spot’ Eve Leibe Gallery, London (2021).
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