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Paula Nadal

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Paula Nadal, is a Catalonian-born artist and fashion designer based in London. For Nadal, the relationship between these two disciplines is entirely symbiotic, as she states, ‘I want the people wearing my clothes to feel confident navigating even the strangest of environments, like the worlds I create in my paintings.’
Paula’s creative process always commences on paper, from there she begins to trace a muse, sometimes inspired by her friends, other times entirely fictional creations. This is the foundation for where Nadal is able to build the world around her character, mirroring the diversity of her own experiences in which the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred.
Inspired by artists such as Fernando Botero, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and Slim Aarons, Nadal weaves together delicate details to unveil their stories. Nadal’s art serves as a seamless fusion of her imagination and the tangible world, her paintings presenting scenes of colourful fictitious scenes with a nostalgic twist, all within a figurative, yet surrealist style. 
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