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24/11/23 - 16/12/23

Paula Nadal

Haricot Gallery is delighted to present Paula Nadal’s debut solo exhibition ‘Poolside', unveiling her series of otherworldly muses. In this exhibition, Nadal brings to life the captivating protagonists who have long thrived within the corridors of her imagination. The paintings depict a series of muses in unique isolation, a distinct persona set apart from reality, each telling their own story. 
Nadal crafts her own universes, infused with her fantasies and cherished memories. Her paintings evoke a childhood spent by water, with pools and open skies; while echoes of influences from figures such as Slim Aarons and the aesthetics of Spaghetti Westerns, are a testament to her recent trip to Los Angeles.
Nadal’s use of perspective draws from classical iconography. The central figure commands the canvas, whilst around her, a narrative unfurls through a symphony of symbols that maintain an air of mystery. These are not women seeking understanding; they are beings who, unburdened by the constraints of reality, exist solely to indulge in their own delight.

The exhibition is curated by Chiara di Carcaci.
List of Works
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