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Kevin Ford

‘Gertie’ (2021)  

37 x 29 cm

Linen Pulp Paint on Cotton Base Sheet

Framing Price on Request, please contact


Kevin’s pieces were created in collaboration with Dieu Donné. Ford’s work in paper draws from his studio practice, translating his established airbrush painting technique into the medium of hand papermaking. His work centres on familiar, everyday objects, such as a vase, hand, dog, or flowers. He begins with abstracted shapes and colours, intuitively responding to the ways in which the colours interact and reveal forms to him.


In Dieu Donné’s wet studio, Ford enjoyed the lack of an exacting control over the papermaking process, working at times on tabletop easels that allowed for unintended drips and colour mixtures as he painted in paper pulp. The final paper works maintain the softness and indistinctness in form of his paintings but offer a new tactile and visual experience.

Kevin Ford - Gertie

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