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Haricot Gallery was founded with a clear mission: to transform the way art is experienced. We had too many examples of going to galleries and feeling nervous and uncomfortable when inside. The cold, eerie environments made it nearly impossible to engage with and celebrate the artwork. We found ourselves feeling uninspired, alienated, and wanted to completely change the narrative. 
Our belief is simple: coming to engage with art should be an incredibly warm, fun, and exciting and transparent experience. We recognized the need for change in London's art scene, where visitors often feel an urge to leave the moment, they step foot inside a gallery. Art should not be viewed with trepidation; instead, it should be an inclusive and welcoming experience. At Haricot Gallery, our main goal is to ensure that everyone who enters our doors feels genuinely welcome and at ease.
In February 2023, Haricot Gallery opened its doors at 2 Blackall Street, nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. We are so excited to showcase the extraordinary works of the best emerging artists from all walks of life. Our exhibitions will feature works that reflect the world we live in, sometimes tackling political or radical subjects, and other times offering a fresh, exciting, and thought-provoking perspective. Beyond showcasing art, we strive to provide a platform for our artists to share their incredible stories, our responsibility is to ensure that each story is heard.
We believe that engaging with art should be a personal and empowering experience, where you feel safe in your curiosity. We want to a build a space that allows you the freedom to engage with the work however you want. Your desires and preferences should drive your art experience, without any guilt or inadequacy. Your experience matters, and we are excited to witness it.
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