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Humour Me

21/06/24 - 20/07/24
Haricot Gallery is thrilled to present ‘Humour Me’, a group exhibition showcasing the work of Minyoung Kim, Florence Houston, Lydia Blakeley, Eleanor Johnson, Charlie Billingham and Grace Lee. 
Humour plays such a crucial role in everyday life which explains why comedy has long been a tool employed by artists. From ancient theatre to Renaissance satire and modern conceptual art, humour has evolved to challenge norms. Artists like Pieter Bruegel, Francisco Goya, and Salvador Dalí used humour to explore the human condition and societal issues. In the 20th century, movements like Dada and Pop Art further expanded the role of humour in art, pushing boundaries and questioning conventions. Today, the role of humour in contemporary art is just as important as it’s ever been.
Humour has the ability to address deep truths or societal issues in a way that is accessible and engaging. This duality allows humour to resonate with audiences on multiple levels, making it a powerful tool. There is a surprising element to humour which conjures a bodily reaction. Crucially, it’s important to laugh and smile, something that is all too rare in a gallery setting. Humour is as profound and serious as it is light-hearted and entertaining. ‘Humour Me’ stands to highlight the power and importance humour plays in contemporary art. Some works are directly funny, while others probe, requiring you to dig past the surface to understand the context and reveal the humorous side. Exploring what makes us laugh helps us understand our place in the world and who we are. 
List of Works
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