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Take Me,
I'm Yours


04/05/23 - 03/06/23

Frida Wannerberger

Haricot Gallery is thrilled to showcase ‘Take me, I’m Yours’, a solo exhibition by Frida Wannerberger that takes us on a deeply personal journey of intense longing and the complexities of human connection. This collection of work, which was started during the 2021 lockdown period and was recently completed, reflects Frida’s profound yearning for intimate relationships and the desire to be swept off her feet.
Frida beautifully articulates the innate human desire for connection and intimacy, which resonates with us all. Her art delves into a vast range of emotions which she felt during this time. The anticipation and ecstasy of new relationships to the heartache and anguish of loss. Each artwork in the exhibition is like a diary entry, telling a unique narrative of specific emotions that we have all felt at some point in our lives. There’s a palpable sense of frustration, sadness, and rage that comes through in Frida’s work, but also a generous dose of humor that adds a touch of lightness to the work.
The paintings explore the broader human experience of living and loving. From her whimsical musings on her relationship with her cat to the struggles of letting go and accepting loss, there’s a universal quality to these paintings that makes them so relatable.
The exhibition is not just about the challenges of longing or disappointment, but it also highlights the deep human need for meaningful relationships. As a testament to this, Frida repeatedly wrote the note “Take me, I’m yours” during the lockdown as a sort of wish to the universe to bring about the desired connections.
List of Works
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