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Constance Read

At its core, Constance’s art is an inquiry into the places she inhabits, exploring shapes, spaces and silhouettes in architecture and interior design. The main focus to her work is form; with colour, pattern and shape playing key roles in the work. She uses colour as the most important element in creating mood and emotion in her pieces.
Read often says that she takes a minimalist approach to creating her work, although she is inspired by these different elements of her environment, she is not attempting to represent an outside reality, and wants the viewer to respond only to what is in front of them. The abstract style often leaves the pieces open to interpretation. 
Although Read more commonly works as a silkscreen printer on paper, this is the first time she has exhibited her silkscreen designs on canvas, a process that has been technically challenging for the past year. Read's latest pieces explore the use of negative space on the canvas with geometric shapes. 

Constance Read (b. 1996, Boston, Lincolnshire) lives and works between London and Norfolk, England. She holds BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins (One academic year at School of Visual Arts, New York). Constance was the artist in residence at Central Saint Martins and attended the Royal College of Art for MA, Print. Solo exhibitions include The Chaotic Forms of an Organised Mind, Haricot Gallery (2023) and Polychromatic Rainbows, Boundary Street (2022). Past Group Exhibitions include The Damage is Done, Battersea (2022); Under the Same Sky, Peckham (2021), Tankers and Pumpers, London (2020).
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