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The Chaotic Forms of an Organised Mind

10/02/23 - 18/03/23

Constance Read

Haricot Gallery's inaugural show, "The Chaotic Forms of an Organised Mind," by artist Constance Read. The exhibition showcases Read’s latest body of work, which is comprised of silkscreen prints and mono prints, showing two distinct styles throughout the show.
The exhibition explores the tension between her desire to be a ‘chaotic’ artist and her natural tendency towards organisation. The two styles oppose each other, with each floor of the gallery showing this, one showcasing geometric, precise designs, and the other exhibiting a more painterly free style of working in the output of mono prints.
The inspiration behind the shapes in the works coming from architecture around London. After studying Graphic Design at Central St Martins, Constance believes her work is always gravitating back towards the very clean cut, and graphic style that she used to work with. The battle between trying to take a more ‘free’ approach to her work while experimenting through the mono-print process, and also combine this with her desire to plan a geometric design is something that this show is a reflection of. The topic that both sets of works were inspired by remains the same, although the outcome very different.  
List of Works